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What to expect

Therapist and Patient

In the 30 min introductory session, you’ll give me an outline of why you got in touch and what your expectations are from me. It is important that you feel we can work together, otherwise you might not get as much out of each session as you deserve. Once we have spoken and decided if I am able to help, we will get you booked in for your first session online or via the phone. If we decide that I am not the best professional to help, I may know of a colleague that could be a better fit.

In the first few 50 min sessions, a lot of the work involves me listening, really listening to you. It is amazing how much being listened to helps. Sometimes it is enough to merely let go of the words that have built up inside you over the years. We are all built differently, and a significant amount of my clients have been a little daunted by the thought of talking about themselves for this long, at least at the beginning. I have a patient and relaxed style that my clients tell me help them take things at their own pace. I know that the only ‘right’ way of ‘doing therapy’ is the way that makes you feel safe.

Further into the therapeutic relationship, I will work with you to devise a bespoke style of therapy. We are all individuals, and we need to honour this. I strongly believe that individuals deserve individual therapy. I have been trained to employ methods and tools such as guided meditation, attachment style recognition, dream analysis, and many more. However, I mainly listen to my clients and let what they are communicating to me guide the way through the work.  

If you have any questions about the way that I work, please feel free to email me.

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