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Some of the theories I use

Empath's Survival Guide 2_edited_edited.jpg

This book succeeds in providing much needed advice and guidance on keeping yourself safe while supporting others. We all know about the importance of self-care, especially when talking to people who may be at their lowest. Orloff manages to avoid sounding patronising or prescriptive in delivering her suggestions.

Healing the Fragmented Soul.jpg

I generally use a lot of parts theory in sessions with clients, so I am a big fan of Fisher’s work. One of the things that I greatly admire about her is her ability to gently let the client understand and accept the parts of them that they viewed negatively. She is also keen on sharing mistakes she has made in sessions.

The Polyvagal Theory.jpg

Polyvagal Theory has only been around since 2011. It has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity within counselling/therapy circles. This book describes Porges’ insights into the autonomic nervous system in a way that is accessible but not condescending. I even found the glossary engaging!

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